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Jade Tyler, MEd , RD

Registered Dietitian

Virtual Nutrition Counseling


Meet Jade

Registered Dietitian

As a dietitian, Jade enjoys helping people identify the negative beliefs, emotions, and/or associations they have surrounding food, their weight, and their body, and then using nutritional interventions to respectfully and effectively guide them towards a healthy and loving relationship with food and their body. With a passion for offering individualized nutritional support, she is committed to helping each of her clients by teaching the principles of Intuitive Eating, challenging thoughts and behaviors associated with chronic dieting, and working with people pre- and post-bariatric surgery.


What I Specialize In

Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating

Intuitive and Mindful Eating

Trauma Informed Non-Diet Approach

Pre- and Post-Bariatric Support

PCOS Treatment without Dieting

We don't have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to. 

                               - Brené  Brown

Jade is an asset to the treatment team and does amazing work with our clients.

- Lauren Mehr, LPC, CCTP

Her demeanor, attitude, and skill make a positive and meaningful impact.

- Former Client

Recovery Focused Podcasts

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Here are some great resources to support you on your journey in recovery. 

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